Biography designerglizzy , Leekglizzy , & padrekayy

Published On Tue, 11/18/2014 - 2:15am

Designerglizzy , Leekglizzy, padrekay are upcoming rappers designerglizzy is rapping is life off Leekglizzy is trying to make it out the hood to do his mother good padrekay is trying to get famous she want to be a celebrity all of these rapper that was mention is trying to make it out the hood trying to make there family proud they are upcoming unsigned rapper in Washington, D.C. When they want to started rapping they started on soundcloud they recorded off a iPhone 5c now they are trying to do it big by going to a studio paying $20 for a hour they need donation to get there own studio setup in our house all we need is $300.00 if you like to donate some money to mtw "myteamwinning" email us : we will love It we just need some help.......

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