Philly Local Rapper General Reezy Shot And Murder

Published On Thu, 08/09/2018 - 11:31am
Philly Local Rapper General Reezy Shot And Murder

It is just sad that we are our biggest enemy. Philly local rapper General Reezy was shot and killed last night.

Mediatakeout reports "Police say that the shooting left two people dead and several others injured in North Philadelphia.

The shooting occurred around 10 PM last night. According to reports, a man inside a mini van pulled out a high powered assault rifle, and opened fire.

Philly's General Reezy was hit up to 11 times, and a woman that he was with was also hit. Both Reezy and the woman were pronounced dead on the scene. Additionally, one person is in critical condition and three others are injured. Police say the ages of the three other victims range from 27 to 49 and they were all shot in either the leg or arm. Those victims are listed in stable condition."

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